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A story, a legacy.

The entire history of RHONAX is based on a subtle balance between innovation and tradition. With an average of 11 years of service, a strong bond has been forged within an exceptional team.

How it all began

From the very beginning, RHONAX employees have all been driven by a common passion for innovation. This philosophy is even expressed in the architecture of our workshop, with its glass front, symbolizing our openness to the world. Directly influenced by the special environment of the Arve Valley, our team has been perpetuating the traditions of high precision mechanics for over 30 years.


The Rhonax state of mind

Located in the heart of the Arve Valley, at the crossroads of high-precision mechanical engineering traditions and the crossroads of great ideas, our team of experienced technicians is open to all projects.Recognized for its expertise, RHONAX also develops innovative ideas in line with modern social and environmental standards.

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